Giugno Pisano, one month you really shouldn’t miss!

June is a special month in Pisa. It’s full of events and historical paegentry full of tradition and culture. If you want to visit Pisa and its Leaning Tower, we suggest you do so in June  so as not to miss Giugno Pisano.

Giugno Pisano: The Celebration of Saint Ranieri

On the 17th of June Pisa celebrates San Ranieri, its patron saint. The celebrations start on 16th Jun with the famous Luminara, an event unique all around the world.
As the sun goes down over the river Arno thousands of candles light up the river and the historic center of Pisa.

The electric lights are turned off and candles light up the night. The Lungarno is brought to life by the romantic flickering lights of small flames and the river Arno is bathed in thousand reflections.
It is a great unifying event for friends and family and the excitement builds as everyone awaits the firework display at midnight . It’s a unique occasion that everyone should see once in their life.

The next day, 17th June, the protagonist is again River Arno, the City hosts the historic Palio di San Ranieri. Pisa is one of the ancient four Maritime Republics and has a long maritime tradition. During the Palio of San Ranieri, the ancient districs of the city challenge each other in a thrilling rowing race that everytime leaves its viewers breathless.

Giugno Pisano: The Gioco del Ponte.

Every year, the last weekend of June, Pisa attracts tourists from all the world for the famous Gioco del Ponte.

On the Ponte di Mezzo, the most important bridge of the city, is set a medieval carousel, harking back to the scene of a fierce challenge between the ancient neighborhoods of the city.

The players on each team are called „fighters“, the challenge consists to push the cart towards the opponents and bringing down their flag. It’s a test of phisical strengh and concentration, and really needs to be seen to fully understand the intensity of the challenge.

Before „the fight“, the Lungarno hosts an amazing historical parade that celebrates all the representative caracters of Pisa and the Marine Republic, all its ancient heroes and heroines, Lords and Ladies.

It is a true jump back in time!

Giugno Pisano: Not only Historical events.

Giugno Pisano is not just historical events. During June the city of Pisa comes alive with special food and wine tours, extraordinary exhibitions, outdoor concerts, often put on in Piazza dei Cavalieri, one of the most beautiful squares in Tuscany.
June is definitely one of the best months for to visit Pisa, and La Lucertola Holiday Rental Homes is happy to be your accomodation of choice so that you may experience the magic of the Giugno Pisano.

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